The Best Singers with Autotune – Who Are the Genuine Stars?

One of the most interesting developments in the music industry is the use of auto tune. This technique has transformed how recorded music is produced, and has become a trademark of many popular artists.

Auto tune was originally developed by Antares Audio Technologies, Inc. It’s a software that can correct out-of-tune singing and shift it to produce an appealing sound.

Some people are not happy with the rise of auto tune because they feel that it has created a generation of robotic vocalists who can’t sing without it. Some critics say that without autotune, singers would have less opportunity to do what they are best at – singing.

The Story Behind Auto-Tuning and Why it’s Important for Music

Auto-Tune is a form of audio post-processing that uses a device to adjust the intonation of an audio signal so that it matches certain musical conventions.

The invention of autotune apps for Android was first introduced by the Canadian musician and sound engineer, Andy Hildebrand who was inspired by his failure to hit the correct notes during live performances. He faced this problem because he was not familiar with how to sing or play any type of instrument so he resorted to fixing his mistakes with his voice.

He ended up using an analog hardware device called an Eventide Harmonizer H910, which became known as “The Machine.” The machine helped Andy produce better music for himself and others that he could never manage to do without it.

What is Autotune and How Does it Actually Work?

Auto-tune is a music production technique that corrects vocal tracks to make them sound more in tune.

Autotune analyzes the pitch of a sung note and produces a corresponding digital signal with corrected amplitude, duration, and timing.

The autotuning process relies upon the use of algorithms which analyze and attempt to identify the musical key or chord of an input signal and then transposes it to another key or chord so that it remains within a musical range deemed appropriate for the song.

Auto-tune does not produce perfect pitches for each note, but rather identifies specific notes which need correction by gradually shifting its own pitch until that electronic note matches the desired target.

What are the Advantages of Auto-Tuning for Artists?

Auto-tuning is the process of changing an audio recording’s pitch or tone by using software to manipulate the audio signal. The software changes the pitch to make it more in tune with an instrument or voice.

Auto-tuning is mostly used when singers are unable to perform the song perfectly in tune. It can also be used for instrumental recordings when a pianist for example, is unable to play in perfect time with the recorded music.

Some artists use auto-tuning as a way of altering their voice into unnatural settings that wouldn’t be possible otherwise – like increasing their vocal range by singing higher than they’re capable of without assistance, or lowering it to sound like a different singer with a lower vocal range.

Are All Auto-Tuned Songs Bad?

The music industry is changing, and so are the ways in which artists create songs. In this section, we will discuss the uses of autotune and how they affect music today.

Autotuning is a technique that’s used to correct and modify vocals and instrumental performances and has been around since the 1950s. It was originally used by composers as a simple way to fix out-of-tune notes on a musical instrument. But it has since evolved into one of the most controversial ways musicians create their songs.

Some people believe that all autotuned songs are bad because they make people sound like they don’t know how to sing or they make their voices sound robotic or unreal. But there are some artists who use autotunes as an art form for creative.


There are many factors that come into play when judging who are the best auto-tuners in pop music today. For example, the success of an artist is dependent on the amount of fans they have, their popularity, and how much money they are willing to spend. If someone has a well-connected partner or manager it will be easier for them to generate more revenue than someone without connections.